Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Mission Statement

Wordle: My Mission

My Mission Statement: A Beginning
To live feely, wholly and fully.  To experience life on as many levels as possible and be present in the gift each moment is.  Remember the quality of mercy for myself to myself as well as others.  Connect with kindred spirits thought words, music, food and art.  Create.  Create beauty, create space, create freedom, create joy, create laughter, create understanding, create a sanctuary, create what is yet to be understood.  Take risks and fail well or succeed.  Enjoy my success and learn from and enjoy my failures. Find patience, patience within myself for myself and for others.  Find the opportunities in all moments.  Believe.  Believe in myself, believe in others.  Believe in what I don’t see and fully understand but know deeply in my soul.  Love. Love fully, love deeply, love without fear, love without expectation.  Love myself and others this way always. Love all and love fully.  Laugh.  Laugh everyday, laugh at myself, laugh at the world laugh for the joy of it.

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