Thursday, January 28, 2010


One thing that I keep coming back to is how much I love stories.  Whether they are told in the form of a conversaion, a movie, a song, a book, a play or even a single photo.  There is something about a story that reaches out to us and moves us in some way.  Sometimes, it is just the thrill and solace of knowing that someone else out there is thinking the same way you are, feeling what you feel or experiencing a similar experience.  Sometimes it is the idea that there are new experiences that we haven't tried, but gain confidence and understanding from watching someone else, even a pretend someone, manuever their way through it. As I ramble around inside what feels like an almost empty room that is me, this is the only thing that I seem to find.  I like stories, I love to share them, find them, create them, hear them.  For me it is all in the human connection.  Words can be so much like water just flowing over you when they are used well.  When someone can just put something you have been feeling into a sentence or photo there is the moment of joy and relief and exploration all at once.  Yes!! That's it, that is what has been ratteling around in me, now I can name it.
Stories won't save most lives, or cure diseases, but they can connect people to others and more deeply to themselves.
I know that I really want to dig more deeply into this process, flesh out what I already know and learn more about different mediums for stories.  I think I would like to focus on learning photography, playing more with video editing and writing.  I am considering starting yet another blog of this ficitional story that has been just taking up way too much room in my head.  I think I may also post poems and other creative written thoughts as they occur to me.
If this then is my reflective space, I think I may make that my creative space.  It will be interesting to see, with time in such a short supply, where this leads me.
I also sometimes wonder what I would do if anyone actually found these posts and even replied.

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